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Dans moins de 40 ans, l'Homme posera le pied sur Mars


Pierre-Emmanuel Paulis
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Miscellaneous Information:

Pierre-Emmanuel Paulis was born on 18 July 1964. He is early passionate in aviation and space exploration.

Graduate of the Higher Institute of Fine Arts Saint-Luc Liège (section Illustration - Comic Strip), it is seconded teacher at the Euro Space Society of Belgian astronaut Dirk Frimout and is responsible for leading the popular Space classes at the Euro Space Center in Redu.

Friend with many astronauts, he also accumulates space adventures: flights in zero gravity (he accumulates 1 hour of weightlessness on board the Airbus Zero G Novespace in 155 parables), flights in fighter aircraft. He was a member of the Martian simulation missions MDRS 7 and 90 inside the Mars desert Research Station in the Utah desert.

He also attended several takeoffs and landings of the space shuttle, a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur takeoff and Ariane from Kourou. He met 11 of the 12 men who walked on the moon

Pierre-Emmanuel Paulis is also designer of comics, author of the series "Tania": pilot and astronaut (5 albums released - Joker Editions). He writes spatial columns, is a consultant for various media and speaker for several conferences in Belgium and abroad.  

Tania regularly travel in space, in the form of original drawings, taken by her astronauts friends.

In 2009, Pierre-Emmanuel Paulis is one of the founder of Mars Society Belgium and becomes its Vice-President then, President in 2014. 

Tania now also gives her name to a beer in Hotton and is Godmother of the brotherhood of Tania beer. She also gives her name to the hot air balloon that wears the colors of the city.